About HomeDrone

OUR MISSION: HomeDrone was created to provide Close Aerial Photograhy in an easy, convenient, and most importantly, very cost-effective way to discerning clients who demand high quality videos and pics and reliable professionalism.

Cinimatic Pics and Videos in HD and Web-Friendly Formats

Let our high quality pictures and videos showcase your property from a truly unique perspective that is impossible to get any other way. From individual residential homes and plots, to large industrial and commercial projects, we can produce beautiful highly detailed images that cast your subject in the best possible light. Our equipment is so compact and quiet that it often goes completely unnoticed on job sites, so we don't disrupt your regular operations while we do our thing.

No Royalties. Unlimited Use.

Once we're done, we'll provide the files to you in JPG and MPEG formats, that you can use any way you want to. Once you've paid us, those images and files belong you and you can use them as much as you want, anywhere you want to.

What We're Good At

We pride ourselves on getting in, getting the shots and getting out again with a minimum of disruption to bystanders or operations. Drone technology has advanced to the point that our equipment is extremely compact and quiet, and causes very little distraction, if any. We then provide you with the image and video files you requested, in digital format, which are yours to use however you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. You only pay us once.

Real Estate

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Nothing showcases a property like professional drone photography. Sure, you can grab stale, poor-quality screen shots off of Google Earth, but wouldn't a few cinima quality professional aerial videos that accent exactly what YOU want to accent be more appealing to your prospective clients?


Commercial and Industrial properties can often be too large or even dangerous to adequately photograph using traditional setups. But our drones can zoom out thousands of feet, and orbit very large areas with incredibly smooth precision. When clear details and steady filming over large areas is the goal, you can count on HomeDrone to deliver.


Whether it's crops or livestock, nothing shows the "Big Picture" like a bird's eye view from one of our drones. It's an excellent way to see exactly what's going on, on the ground. Hot spots, thin areas, wet areas, and more become so much easier to see when you can see it from above. HomeDrone gives you a way to get that view right now, so you know you are looking at the very freshest video and data possible, so you know where to focus your valuable time and efforts right now.


From aquatic operations to waterfront mansions and condominiums, there is no shortage of water and wet areas in Florida. But water presents many challenges for traditional photography. How do you accent the front of the house from the front? We've got you covered. We'll send a drone out to orbit the entire property or operation and get the best angles and views possible for you to use any way you want to.

Our Work

Here are just a few examples of the kind of work we can do for you. We shoot both HD still photos and HD video and provide you with the actual raw files, to use as you please. You only pay us once, no matter how many times you use your images and movies - you own them.

Residential and Corporate Developements

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New Construction

See it from all sides - crystal clear

Agricultural and Forestry

No roads? No problem!

Neighborhoods and Individual Properties

Showcase your investment

Industrial and Heavy Equipment

Get that bird's eye view
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Aquatic Applications

Go where not even boats and long polls can go!

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