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Short Trips: Cub Gathering at Plant City Regional (KPCM)

A little while back, I was surfing the net and found a site that is basically for Cub enthusiasts. This one caters to a group that was planning on gathering at Plant City and camping out over night for a day or two, then flying in en masse to Sun-N-Fun 2006.

Well, I love Cubs of all types, and we fly out of PCM fairly often (several times a month), so I figured we’d slip in there on a Saturday and get some shots of these great airplanes before they left for Lakeland.

As it turned out, the bulk of them didn’t show up until the Sunday after we were there, but there were still several prime examples of Cub-dom there to see when we arrived.

I was standing inside the FBO and telling the guys there that we’d be going out to the camping area to have a look (this is always a great plan if you aren’t part of the actual group, as they may get nervous seeing you loitering around their planes and all.), when I struck up a conversation with another pilot who was standing inside enjoying the A/C too.


He had noticed my T-shirt, which was from the Cockpit Cafe' down in Venice, FL, and had asked me if I’d ever actually been there. I like to buy T-shirts at the different airports we visit, and had picked one up for each of us when we went down for breakfast last time (see Venice Breakfast Run). He turned out to be based out of Venice (KVNC) and had eaten there many times. He also turned out to be the organizer for the Cub event.

I talked with him for a little while and then we headed out to the airplanes. His had been around the world! We shot a couple pics of it that showed the flags from all the different countries it had crossed to make the trip. Can you imagine how LONG that must’ve taken to fly a Cub all that way? My God, it may have been faster to walk!

Anyway, we milled around on the flightline for a little while and got some nice shots, and then headed back out on the road again to home base (KZPH). It wasn’t a particularly spectacular day, but we enjoyed visiting with some true grass-roots heroes who were living the bush-pilot’s dream of camping right under their wings and enjoying the very essence of small plane travels.

Maybe this’ll become an annual event and there’ll be more to see next year. Let’s hope so.

Fair winds and blue skies,





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