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Short Trips: Fantasy of Flight

Here are some shots from our trips to Fantasy of Flight, on I4 betweeen Orlando and Tampa. They had a few nice planes there, but I was mostly left with the impression that some rich guy had just allowed us the privilage to shell out over $50.00 to gaze at a few of his lesser aircraft. And even then, matters are made worse by having those ropes around everything so you can't even get near the planes. I took a zoom lense thiugh, and you can see better views than we got when we were there.

This is a typical view of the airplanes. We were on a sort of catwalk that runs around one wall of the hangers. It gave about the best view, but keeps you away from the planes, too. They had several areas where they had a partial cockpit or something that you could sit in and check out.

This British rotor wing was about half the size of a stearman, and was hanging very close to the catwalk. Looked like a scary rig to fly in. They had several WWI fighters in various stages of restoration scattered around, and it was interesting to see just how flimsy these birds were. Imagine being 10,000 feet up in something made out of sticks and rags, with a motor that could quit at any moment.


This was a really nice Texan. They had several P51's and a Corsair, as well as some other fighters too. I've put some P51 shots below. Click on any image for the full-size version.


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