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Breakfast Run: Lakeland Linder Field

Lakeland is a quick hop over from Peter O', and has a great restaurant on the airport. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner, and Lakeland Tower is about the nicest ATC anywhere. I've been over to breakfast several times, and these pics are from the first time when Jamie, Julie and I went over in his Cherokee 140.

Here's Julie and Jamie in front of the FBO at Lakeland Linder. Those are people from the restaurant on the second floor balcony. That's where the restaurant is.

I get a big, disgusting breakfast with toast and jam, eggs, grits and whatever else is moving slower than me. Flyin' makes me hungry/







This was our approach to runway 05. Click on the picture for a larger view.The tower is on the left side, close to the middle. Lakeland has huge runways, too. I usually come in on 09. Straight in approach, chop-and-drops. I fly from a fairly short airport, and like to come in on or close to the numbers, then I usually have to taxi my ass off at 30 Nm for half a mile. Better safe than sorry.







Here's the tower after we landed. The day was getting kind of overcast, and a thin layer of clouds was starting to form at about 2500'. It's always a little bumpier going back to the west, and this day was no exception. Good flight though, and good trip.

I got to fly the Cherokee for about tweny minutes each way. It really flies nice. It's in excellent condition and is extremely stable. Great little airplane.






Here's that Chief from the other side. You see all kinds of planes show up for breakfast runs here. This one looked brand new, inside and out. That's a Stearman Kadet behind it. There were also Cirrus', 182's, a 152 Aerobat, a Trinidad, and several other 172's.


If you're looking for a trip destination to a towered airport that doesn't have the hassles of so many others, I'd highly recommend Lakeland Linder. The food is great. The people are all very nice. The runways are immaculate and spacious, and it's surrounded by some beautiful scenery.


See you there!


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