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Short Trips: Wauchula

Here are some shots from our trips to Wauchula. The first time I went was in Jamie's Cherokee 140 with him. I didn't have my ticket yet, and he wanted to try out his new GPS that he got at Sun N Fun that year. I thin k this was 2003. It was definately before the Hurricanes of 04. I've been back since and that area took 3 or 4 real hard beatings last year and blue roofs are still everywhere.

Wauchula Municipal is a beautiful little airport out in the middle of nowhere. The runway is 18-36 and had just been resurfaced. It's 4000 feet long and 75 feet wide. It's surrounded by citrus groves, pastures and undeveloped trees and land. The GPS unit worked great, and we arrived exactly as planned. Jamie floated in for a perfect landing and we taxied over to the tie-down area. There was only one other plane there that day. It's a quite place to hang out and have a soda. There's no restaurant, but there is a picknic table under u huge oak tree at the corner of the tie-down area.

Here's the view on final approach. I think that it must be wider than 75 feet. Maybe they expanded it when they resurfaced and it's not in the AFD yet. At any rate, if you go don't be fooled by the illusion that you are lower than you are. It looks like that and many pilots end up coming in really high. Luckily, it's plenty long enough for a "floater" and those are pretty fun sometimes anyway..


This is a view of the Little Mannatee River from about 1200'. There's a lot of this type of scenery around this part of the state. I love flying low and slow over it. I don't care how long it takes me to get somewhere when I'm just out squashin' bugs, the trip IS the adventure. Sometimes you meet new people and see cool stuff as a result, too.
The only other plane at Wauchula Municipal was a Yak 52 in mint condition. Check it out on the next page!


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