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Sun N Fun 2005

Here are some shots from Sun-N-Fun 2005. This has become a yearly pilgrimage for me, and I still see something new and exciting every time I go.

This year I met a friend from work at the entrance and we checked it out on Friday morning, first thing. There were a lot of the same planes there this year, but many new and different ones showed up too. I tried to concentrate my picture taking efforts on stuff I haven't shot in the past, so check it out...

While I was waiting for Cliff to arrive (I left home with an extra hour to spare, because I thought there'd be traffic at the gate. But apparently, Pilots like to sleep in on Fridays and I was almost alone at the front gate at 7:00 am.

Anyway, while I was waiting around, I noticed there were several cool old British warbirds to photograph...

This first one is a Hawker Sea Fury. Fairly rare, and very fast. Many of these that are still in existance become pylon racers and airshow planes because of their performance and following.


This next one is a recon aircraft from WWII, but I can't remember the name. I thought it was way cool because of those huge old fenders, and the fact that the landing lights were in the fenders just like an old car.

This is actually a very large plane. You can tell from the two guys standing off to one side of the picture. Timing for when to snap the shot is everything at SnF. People will look right at you pointing your camera at a plane, and then walk right in front of you.

Here's another British recon craft. This one is from the early 50's and was used in Malaysia. That's a 180 HP motor in a plane the size of a Cub! I wish I'd gotten a shot of the panel, or lack thereof.

When I think "British WWII warbirds", I think "Tiger Moth"! This plane means as much to them as our Stearman means to us. I've flown in a Stearman PT-17, but I've ALWAYS wanted to fly a Moth. I've even been toying with the idea of building the Fisher Tiger Moth kit.

This one was pristine, and even had the original liquid-filled, gigantic compass in the front cockpit.



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